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The Limitless Scholarship

The Limitless Scholarship is focused on breaking down barriers of entry into the real estate industry by providing an annual scholarship at each of our locations to assist BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) colleagues interested in pursuing a career in real estate. Livian’s goal with this scholarship is to help increase the number of BIPOC-owned real estate businesses, which is an essential part of creating equity in the real estate industry and our communities.

Why We Created This Scholarship

Our company’s mission of transforming lives through homeownership does not work if we don’t actively fight to ensure the same career and homeownership opportunities are available for all Americans. We hope this scholarship is one of many business initiatives from around the country that will help the real estate industry become more inclusive and diverse.

About the Limitless Scholarship

The Limitless Scholarship is available annually to one new agent at each of our locations around the United States. Each person awarded will receive a $1000 stipend to be used to start their real estate career (e.g. license fees, board membership dues, or office space rent). Scholarships also include additional coaching and training opportunities through Adam Hergenrother Training, as we believe ongoing self-development and education is an equally important part of creating lasting business success.

Moving Forward

We recognize that there is still much work to be done and hope that this scholarship is one of the many ways that the industry as a whole will work toward creating meaningful and lasting change. As a company, we will continue to seek out ways to progress knowing there is much more work to be done within our own organization. We also know we will not do this work perfectly, and therefore, welcome accountability and feedback that will help us continue to do better.

If interested in applying for one of the scholarships available, please fill out the contact information below and our leadership team will send you the application.

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